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KMLabs is developing and manufacturing ultrafast laser sources and amplifiers designed for your applications. The KMLabs laser have the shortest pulse widths with the cleanest temporal profiles. With the patented crygenic cooling technology KMLabs offers lasers with a combination of high pulse energy and high averaged power. This combination can simply not be achieved with classical cooling technology.


Griffin - Ti:Sa oscillators


The Griffin is KMLabs most popular line of tunable ultrashort-pulsed oscillators. The Griffin oscillators are designed to give you control of the laser parameters and come with computer control of the central wavelength and the bandwidth.


  • Computer control of bandwidth and central wavelength
  • Designed for the needs of scientists
  • Pulsewidth down to <12fs
  • Power up to 1.4W with 80-95MHz repetition rate
  • Bandwidth up to 700-920nm

Overview: KMLabs Ti:Sapphire Lasers




Wyvern - regenerative amplifier


The wyverns are regenerative amplifiers with computer control of the repetition rate.


  • Flexible Amplifier that adapts to your experiment, not the other way round
  • Patented cooling technology preventing instabilities caused by thermal lensing
  • Upgradable to higher powers, in contrary to other manufacturers
  • Repetition rates of 1-10kHz, 10-50kHz and 50-300kHz available
  • Single stage: up 9mJ and 12W available
  • Multiple stage: up to 40W with 30mJ or 50W with 8mJ possible

Overview: KMLabs Ti:Sapphire Lasers 



XUUS - EUV/Soft X-Ray source

XUUS 2 frei

XUUSTM is a coherent source for radiation in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) or soft X-Ray range. The conversion of the laser is realized by high harmonic generation (HHG) in a patented hollow waveguide. 


  • Peak wavelengths between 47nm (26eV) and <10nm (>100eV) available
  • Special model with 2nm available
  • Repetition rates between 1kHz and 100kHz possible
  • Highly coherent, laser like radition with a stable wavefront
  • Photon flux >5*1012/s in the EUV possible
  • Minimized gas usage

Overview: XUUS - EUV/Soft X-Ray source



Y-Fi HP/Ultra

y Fi

The KMLabs Y-Fi™ laser series is a family of compact high average power, high repetition rate near-IR ultrafast Yb fiber lasers. Y-Fi products are based on a single rugged opto-mechanical platform and are engineered for hands-free operation.

The Y-Fi family employs a patented all normal dispersion (ANDi) modelocked Yb fiber laser coupled with a fiber amplifer. This configuration offers numerous unique advantages, including:

  • Average Power 20W or 50W
  • Wavelength 1035nm
  • Pulse length <170fs / 190fs with low pedestal for an optimum efficiency with lower pulse energy and average power
  • Tunable repeptition rate: 0.5 - 15, 60 MHz
  • Fully integrated, ruggedized, hands-free laser source
  • Graphical intuitive software control
  • Computer controlled pulse width pre-compensation
  • Small optical head footprint
  • SHG available

Download: Y-Fi Datasheet





The Y-Fi OPA is KMLabs’ vertically integrated optical parametric amplifier pumped by a Y-FiTM HP. The class-leading pulse duration of the 1035 nm centered Y-FiTM HP results in both a stable, coherent white light seed source and exceptionally high conversion efficiency into the short-wave and mid-wave infrared.


  • Tunable repetition rate of 1-2 MHz
  • Average Power up to 400mW in the signal and 100mW in the idler
  • Tunable in the range of 1250 - 1800 nm and 2.4 - 4.4 µm
  • Supports <50fs pulses
  • Y-Fi HP output (20W, 1035nm) also available
  • Exzellent beam quality M²<1.4
  • Intuitive GUI for control of the wavelength and pulse optimization

Download: Y-Fi OPA Datasheet





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