Established in 2000 Wasatch Photonics produces the world’s finest volume phase holographic gratings and spectroscopic instruments for retail and OEM customers. With this knowledge Wasatch has also specialized on the development and manufacturing of products for optical coherence tomography. Wasatch offers complete OCT systems as well as a line of confogurable modular components, e.g. spectrometers and probes, for customers that want to build highly specialized systems by themselves.


  • Superior signal-to-noise-ratio for greater, deeper image clarity
  • Premier optical design with subpixel resolution
  • >30 spectrometer models for the exact range, resolution, speed, depth & cost you need
  • Near-diffraction limited focusing across full spectrometer array to minimize camera rolloff
  • Proprietary WP gratings for low polarization dependence & high efficiency
  • Advanced spectrometers like Cobra-S with 250kHz scanning, <6dB rolloff @ 2.5mm

Download: Wasatch Photonics optical coherence tomography introduction  |  Wasatch Photonics modular design

OCT pictures



Cobra spectrometers


As a specialist for spectroscopy Wasatch understands the nuances of optical design needed for the optimization of sensitivity and SNR in a small footprint. The Cobra spectrometers are high performance and cost-effective OCT spectrometers with high resolution and multiple options for speed, imaging depth and resolution. The spectrometers are offered for 800nm, 1050nm and 1300nm.


  • Available for 800, 1050 & 1300nm
  • Premier optical design with superior SNR & subpixel resolution
  • Near diffraction-limited optics minimize rolloff
  • Proprietary VPH gratings for low polarization dependence & highest efficiency
  • OEM ready: robust, compact & athermal

Datasheets: Cobra800 | Cobra800s | Cobra1050 | Cobra1300





With the experience in optical and electronical design Wasatch created superior tools to help you build the exact OCT system you need. The range of probes include models that go from handheld to mounted in seconds, scan at 20 or 200Hz, or build for retinal scans. Each design combines innovative optical design with robust electronics for precise focusing, repeatable xy scanning, and high transverse resolution at working distances >20 mm. Flexible enough for research and robust enough for OEM, our fber-coupled probes integrate easily with any OCT system.


  • Open controls for use in any system
  • Focusing optics & MEMS/galvo scanning in one compact, robust probe head
  • High efficiency, low-aberration optics for a cleaner focus & clearer images
  • Onboard 10 MP color camera provides en face imaging for precise positioning
  • High degree of scan repeatability for phase-sensitive measurements

Datasheet: Wasatch Photonics OCT Probes




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