By far, laser cutting is one of the most important processes for the application of lasers in the industry. Laser melt cutting (with inert cutting gases), laser cutting (with oxygen), laser sublimation cutting, high speed cutting or laser beam fine cutting are significant processes which are accessed during laser cutting. The use of modern CNC-controlled cutting systems and the combination of different laser beam sources (for example, fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, UFP lasers) as well as optics allow a wide range of applications. The right configuration allows you to work with a with various materials such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, CFRP and much more. A large part of the applications is realized with fixed cutting optics, others are implemented with galvanometer systems. In the area of fixed optics, different cutting speeds, factor 2 to 6, as well as material thicknesses of up to more than 25 mm can be achieved by the use of different process gases. In order to be able to implement any cutting applications or laser cutting processes, Optoprim Germany offers the following products, also as a package:




Laser source  


Cutting head or

 3-axis scan head + optics

Process control











Option 1: Optimet 



Option 2: Plasmo

Metal nLight alta1 Optik23 axis openOptik4  








           Control of laser and scan head  
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