In surface processing, the laser beam is used to change the properties or the structure of the material by changing or influencing the material surface. Especially in micro applications, complicated component geometries or in sensitive neighboring materials, the laser is often the only option to implement demanding applications. For example, by use of the laser, the hardness and toughness can be increased, surface structures can be formed, compressive stresses can be generated in the surface or protective layers can be applied or removed. In addition, the use of lasers in surface processing can save a great deal of time, resulting in excellent homogeneity of the surfaces after machining and avoiding distortion or load on the components. This is only a brief excerpt of the advantages of the micro structuring, cleaning, transformation hardening, re-melting, laser beam polishing, coating and alloying/dispersing processes by the laser. The field of surface treatment applications is very broad with the laser and it is getting more and more attention because of his strong growth. Optoprim Germany also has the right solutions for you in this:




Laser source  


Welding head or

 3-axis scan head + optics

Optimet process control






DS Series





Option 1: ConoPoint



Option 2: ConoLine

Metal nLight alta1 Optik23 axis openOptik4  





    Control of laser and scan head

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