Using lasers in the flexible packaging industrie to apply a scribing line and/or perforation hole is an on-going trend. To increase customer convinience, these so called “easy-opening” helps the consumer a lot and influences his buying decision of the product. To apply the scribing line, the printed laminate on reel will be lasered on-the-fly on a winder.
The goal of laser perforate small holes in the film, however, is to support a better gas exchange between the poduct (i.e. salad or fruits) to increase freshness and shelf-life.

A fully assembled laser scribing system includes the CO2 laser source itself, a 2- or 3-axis-galvo, controller & software and collimating and focussing optic components. To ensure smallest hole size of less than 60µm, you’d use a fixed optic instead of a galvo for laser perforation.

We would be pleased to support you in any way: Either per phone, e-mail or a personal visit. Thanks to our application lab capabilities we provide marking trials free of charge with your polymer material!



Laser sources Beam Expansion or collimation Beam deflection Focusing optics
Iradion1625   Galvo  
Strich1 Optik1 Strich1 Optik3
Infinity   Galvo2  


          Control of laser and galvo

Steuerung       Strich5

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